Where to eat in Turin Our guide to restaurants near us or in the city center

A visit to Turin and Piedmont is also always a pleasure for the palate, not only for the eyes. The city offers a wide range of offers, restaurants, trattorias and wineries, and you will be spoilt for choice.

Hotel Miramonti does not have an in-house restaurant.

These days, we go to work and contact the trusted restaurants, those that we have always chosen for our dinners and that we suggest to friends, looking for those to indicate whether you want to stay in the area or take a break during your visit to the city centre.

To offer an advantageous offer to our guests, we have obtained a discount with many of these restaurants for those who stay with us. Please try the flavours of local cuisine in the city, which guarantees you the best value for your money.

The selection of the best places to eat in Turin is constantly updated.

Get ready to make your mouth water; let’s go!

These are the places where we go out for dinner when we go out for dinner. You can’t go wrong!

We Grill Botticelli

300 meters from us. If you love meat, it’s your place! In all formats and all sauces, really. Hamburgers, bombettes, meatballs, tartare and grilled meat. Open for lunch and dinner. 10% discount for our guests.


The best gourmet pizza in Turin! Different types of doughs, ever-changing menus, incredible quality products. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail in a beautiful place. The courtesy of the staff and the owner do the rest.
10% discount for our guests.

The Braggart

Piedmontese cuisine at times revisited originally. Great selection of wines, excellent quality products and homemade pasta. On their website, you can find the updated menu.
10% discount for our guests.

Antica Bruschetteria Pautasso

In addition to the typical Piedmontese cuisine, here you will find the bagna cauda served with its dip. The restaurant is located in the area of the Roman quadrilateral, which can be reached by tram 4 in 15 minutes.
10% discount for our guests

Don Ciccio pizzas and desserts

You will find a fantastic pizza here if you don’t want to leave the hotel. Excellent dough and high-quality products. The guys in the room were very kind. Recommended.

The Salt Route

Typical Piedmontese cuisine with slow food products. A marvel! Right in the centre is a stone’s throw from the Mole Antonelliana. Piedmontese tasting menu available.

Port of Savona Restaurant Turin

It’s an incredible location. In Piazza Vittorio, this historic restaurant offers excellent Piedmontese cuisine daily for lunch and dinner.

Scannabue Restaurant & Gastronomy

It is in the heart of San Salvario, one of the liveliest neighbourhoods and the centre of Turin’s nightlife—Piedmontese cuisine with high-quality products and excellent service.

L’acino restaurant

In the heart of the Roman quadrilateral, one of the city’s liveliest districts. Piedmontese cuisine of excellent quality and an excellent wine list.

Osteria Nuova

Traditional cuisine is a stone’s throw from Porta Nuova. You will find all the import of Piedmontese cuisines, such as Vitello tonnato with its two sauces, handmade agnolotti del plin with the filling of the three roasts and braised Piedmontese meat.

Osteria a casa di Anna

A 20-minute tram ride or 10-minute drive from us, you will find this osteria-friendly and lovely staff, traditional Piedmontese cuisine with handmade pasta! This is the place for you if you want something delicious and homely.

Monte dei Cappuccini Restaurant

What you see is the view you will enjoy once you reach the restaurant. We recommend it if you have a car to get it while being very close to the centre. Traditional Piedmontese cuisine in a breathtaking location

Consortium Restaurant

Restaurant of reworked Piedmontese cuisine—a mix of tradition and modernity. Reservations are recommended.

Osteria Antiche Sere

The excellent Piedmontese tavern is well-known and successful, for which reservations are recommended—one of the most recommended historic places ever since.

Trattoria della Posta Turin

Cheeses, cheeses and cheeses! If you love them, this is your paradise. Historic trattoria, appetisers and cheese-based first courses are outstanding, and we recommend finishing it all with their cheese selection wheel. You need a car to get there.

Maslè Sushi

A one-of-a-kind place. Simply amazing! Have you ever thought of trying the Piedmontese version of sushi with meat? It is served with excellent quality meat and harmoniously combined Piedmontese products. Don’t miss it. You need to book because it’s very fashionable and popular.

Antico Balon

Piedmontese cuisine but also pizza? Here’s a place where you can find both without going wrong. To the Roman Quadrilateral, 20 minutes by tram from us


It’s a very original place and recommended—the realm of the baked potato stuffed with delicacies often from Piedmont. You can also find other dishes. Recommended starting with the seasoned focaccia in the Porta Palazzo area, 20 minutes by tram from us

KOI Restaurant

If you’re looking for oriental Japanese fusion cuisine, you really can’t go wrong here. It is a pleasure for the palate and the eyes in Piazza CLN in the city centre.